Quick Start Guide

Timesheets Quick Start Guide

This page provides a brief overview of how timesheets work in Timesheet Portal. 

Timesheet Portal uses a 3 layer hierarchy of Client -> Project -> Task. You can create multiple projects per client and multiple tasks per project. Depending on your setup, you may not have Clients, or you may not have Projects.

The most important thing to do when setting up is to ensure you have a task defined for each project. If you do not have any tasks set up, then you will be able to log time in your timesheets against the project.

To configure your clients, go to System Management -> Clients. Look for the "Create new client" button in the left hand toolbar. You can then create a Project by clicking on "Projects" on the left hand side, and then "Create new project". When setting up your project, ensure you tick the option "Assign all employees to this project". If you do not tick this then you must manually assign employees to the project in order for the project to appear in a timesheet.

Once you have created that, you can create a Task by clicking on "Create new task".  You will notice a list of rate codes on the right hand side. These define how you wish to log the time for this task. You can log time differently for different tasks, allowing you to record hours or days. You can read about rates in the Rates Management section in our help guide. Rate codes can be used to provide different pay or charge rates for different type of work on the task. For example, you may charge differently if your employee works for a client onsite than their rate for working offsite, in which case you could create two hourly or daily rate codes and tick both of them for the task. By ticking both rate codes, the task will provide two rows for entering time, one for each rate code.

Once you have set up your tasks, you may wish to create a new employee with limited permissions, so you can see what the interface looks like for a user without administrative priviliges. All you need to do then is click on Timesheets in the menu on top and then select "My Timesheets".


How to create a new employee

  • 1Go to system management
  • 2Click on employees